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Thank you to all of the great Veterinary Ventures volunteers that make our campaigns a success. We are always looking for new volunteers that can help locally and abroad. If you are interested in volunteering please click here to volunteer, or contact us at

At this time we are especially in need of people that are able to help with grant-writing and securing donations.

Some of our great Veterinary Ventures volunteers…

Abby Deuel BVSc

Abby Deuel BVSc

Veterinarian from Charleston, IL
Campaigns: American Samoa 06 & 07
Favorite Campaign Memory: I had the opportunity to work with Vet Ventures on some of their very first campaigns while I was still in vet school. I think the most wonderful thing about the campaigns is that you get to learn new skills, help a community, and be a part of a great team – not to mention explore a new part of world. I am always tickled by the clever ways that people bring in animals – pillow cases, coats, laundry baskets, coolers. I think that is the most spectacular thing about working with the areas that Vet Ventures targets: the people don’t have much but they make do and it so refreshing to see people wanting to make a difference with dogs and cats. We in America and developed places can learn from their desire to do what they can for the animals no matter the circumstances.

Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson LVT

Licensed Veterinary Technician from St. Louis, MO
Campaigns: Cancun 2011
Favorite Campaign Memory: It’s hard to pick just one. I liked watching the owners with their pets post surgery. They were always smiling and excited to be reunited with their pets. Makes you feel good to make them happy!

Ailien Britt DVM

Veterinarian from St. Louis, MO
Campaigns: Cancun 2011

Favorite Campaign Memory:  Watching the amazing work that everyone involved did, I mean it took everyone to make this run so smoothly. The compassion from all the volunteers and the owners of their pets. It was amazing experience that I hope to be involved again every year!

Jen Betz and Sarah Stetner

Jen Betz and Sarah Stetner

Veterinarian and Veterinary Assistant from Portland, OR
Favorite Campaign Memory: [From Jen] My favorite campaign memory was teaching a veterinarian from Mexico how to do  cat spays and cat neuters. She had never done one before. [and from Sarah] My favorite memory was seeing the satisfying and scared look on Janice’s face when Dr. Jen Betz taught her how to spay her 1st cat and made her do it.:)

As you can see that memory made an impact on both of them. This is what Vet Ventures is all about, not only providing spay-neuter services where needed, but to also help teach local veterinarians to improve their skills to increase sustainability in the long-term.

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