Peru Campaign Wrapped Up!!!! :: 2011-10-21 07:37:20 MDT :: posted by Vet Ventures

Thank you to the Vet Ventures volunteers, led by Board Member Dr. Suz Thomas for completing another successful campaign in Peru. We will be posting pictures soon on the website as well as our Facebook page.

Again our thanks to our volunteers, a group that was truly international this time around!!!!

Suzanne Thomas - vet (Fox Island, WA USA)
Esther Keevash (UK)- vet
Sarah Hamilton (UK)- vet
Ruth Barrett (Australia)- vet
David Collyer (UK)- vet
Deb Campbell (Boston, MA USA)- vet
Bridget Barry (Ithaca, NY USA)- LVT
Morgan Van Fleet (Portland, OR USA)- LVT
Tracey Peters (New Zealand)- LVT
Kristen Winn (Portland, OR USA) - vet assistant
Carolyn Henderson (Vancouver, BC Canada)- vet assistant

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