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General: Fiji 2012

Posted by Vet Ventures on 2011-05-14 04:46:20 UTC

Just announced - Campaign Fiji Islands 2012!! We will be partnering with the SPCA Fiji Islands for a 4 week campaign starting October 1, 2012. This will be our longest mission to date. Stay tuned in to our web and Facebook pages for details as they come together.

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General: Another Successful Campaign

Posted by Vet Ventures on 2011-05-02 01:04:28 UTC

It was an awesome and productive week in Cancun for the Vet Ventures team! Working with CANDi, Isla Animals, and Coco's Cat Rescue along with dozens of local and international volunteers we were able to spay and neuter 751 animals in a 5 day period. The community response was so big we had to turn away 148 animals by the end of the week. What an experience. I will be posting picutres and stories on this blog and our Facebook site over the next week to bring you all up to date. Thanks for your support. Jennifer Brown

Vet Ventures Cancun 2011 Team: Andy Dear, Ailien Britt DVM; Jennifer Brown DVM, DACVS; Jennifer Betz DVM, Sarah Stetner (back row) Jessica Wilson RVT, Amanda Elliott (with their new canine companions going home with them love.gif in the front)

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General: Cancun 2011

Posted by Vet Ventures on 2011-04-23 22:18:14 UTC

The Vet Ventures team is on its way to Cancun, Mexico for a one week campaign! Once again we will be partnering with CANDi International to work in the neighborhood of Corales and surrounding areas which is in significant need of spay/neuter services to address the health and welfare of the dogs and cats in the area. In addition we will be working with Isla Animals and Coco's Cat Rescue and all told we will be a group of approximately 30 volunteers.

The Vet Ventures team is made up of 3 veterinarians and 4 techs/assistants. Dr. Jennifer Brown will be leading the team and is joined by veterinarians Dr. Jennifer Betz of Sandy, OR and Dr. Ailien Britt of St. Louis, MO. Jessica Wilson LVT of St. Louis, MO; Sarah Stetner of Sandy, OR; Amanda Elliott of Tacoma, WA, and Andi Dear of Austin, TX will be providing invaluable technical assistance.

Stay tuned for campaign updates on the blog as well as our Facebook page.

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General: 2012 Campaign

Posted by Vet Ventures on 2011-04-01 13:11:56 UTC

Well we are already in the works for planning the first Vet Ventures campaign in 2012. We will be announcing dates and location within the week. We still have two campaigns left in 2011: Mexico and Peru. Please support our cause so we can have successful 2011 and 2012 campaigns.

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General: Coming Up - Cancun 2011

Posted by Vet Ventures on 2011-03-31 02:07:15 UTC

Well the Vet Ventures team is gearing up once again! The next campaign is only a few weeks away. A group of 7 Vet Ventures volunteers will be heading to Cancun, Mexico to once again work with CANDi to help with a spay-neuter campaign in the outskirts of Cancun. We will keep you posted with updates on the mission that will take place from April 24-29, 2011 . If you can please help support the campaign please visit our donations page to chip in!

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General: Next Campaign

Posted by Vet Ventures on 2011-03-07 02:30:43 UTC


Well it was a very successful campaign in San Carlos and now the Vet Ventures team is gearing up for the next trip to Cancun, Mexico. We will be working once again with CANDi in the suburbs of Cancun. Please donate today to support our work on this campaign.

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General: San Carlos Campaign

Posted by Vet Ventures on 2011-03-01 05:04:31 UTC

Well the 4 person team of Joi Sutton, Becky Felknor, Scott Davis, and Delaney Payne has made it home safely. Vet Ventures is thrilled to report a very successful campaign over 100 animals were spayed/neutered/treated during this 10 day campaign. The success of this mission was dependent on the hard work of not only the Vet Ventures volunteers, but also the local organization and their member volunteers. A few of these wonderful people are shown below.

Also we have to do a special shout out to Brian Lawson president of LEI Medical who for almost every campaign has generously donated the use of a multi-port gas anesthetic machine. This allows us to do the best and safest anesthesia possible. Check out their website at

The SPBA campaign coordinators Sandy Fahrenwald and Shari Olsen

The SPBA and Vet Ventures team:
Back row Joan Folkers, Delaney Payne, Scott Davis, Shari Olsen, Sandy Fahrenwald, Michele Mileski, Margaret Palmini, Judy Lightner
Ffront row: Michelle Duvall, Debbie Wild, Linda Lewman, Becky Felknor, Joi Sutton

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General: San Carlos Campaign Continues

Posted by Vet Ventures on 2011-02-23 16:44:55 UTC

The team continues to be hard at work with the spay and neuter campaign in San Carlos, Mexico that ends this Friday. It is not all work and no play for the group though. Thanks to campaign benefactors Kevin and Lisa Moore the gang got to go on a fabulous boat cruise and fishing trip Tues night. Kevin and Lisa are also providing the fabulous housing for our team while in San Carlos. THANK YOU KEVIN AND LISA MOORE for all you have done!!!!!!!

Kevin and Lisa Moore - our fantastic hosts!!!!

The Vet Ventures team on a well-deserved fishing trip and boat cruise.

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General: San Carlos - Day 3

Posted by Vet Ventures on 2011-02-22 21:55:44 UTC

Greetings from sunny, warm San Carlos, Mexico. Our four member Vet Ventures team is preparing for our third day of work this morning and hoping it won't be quite as exciting as yesterday.

Most of the pets we are working with are owned and have been handled before but there are always a few wild cards in the mix. Yesterday one particular carrier seemed to be growling ominously and rocking a bit side to side. Inside was a beautiful grayish cat with a lynx-like features and two large testicles that needed to go. Our wonderful volunteers warned us he was feral but being the stubborn vets that we are, we thought we could handle him.

We took the lid gently off the carrier, ready to grab his scruff and give our sedative injection when we had a ball of hissing fur explode, throwing newspapers, syringes, drug bottles, and gauze pads everywhere as he tried to get away. Fortunately the room was sealed and he could not escape but he certainly tried, running along the shelves knocking our supplies off trying to get out the barred window and trying to climb up the vertical wall. He finally settled into a corner on the top shelf about four feet behind and directly above poor Scott, who was trying to finish his spay surgery. His surgical pace quickened exponentially with a growling hand grenade of fur sitting behind him for ten minutes. I'm not sure who's eyes were more dilated: the cat's or Scott's.

Long story short, Joi, the fearless cat wrangler, was finally able to squirt ketamine into the cat's hissing mouth to slow him down and, despite his best efforts, the cat was neutered after all.

Next time we will listen more to our volunteers.

Dr. Scott Davis and "The Cat" lurking above his head while he tries to finish a spay.....

He does look a bit angry.......rolleyes.gif

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General: San Carlos Campaign Continues

Posted by Vet Ventures on 2011-02-21 19:14:09 UTC

Check out the video story of our Vet Ventures team hard at work in San Carlos, Mexico doing great work on spay-neuter campaign to help benefit the the people and animas of San Carlos and the surrounding areas.

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