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Bringing Humane Veterinary Care to the Animals of the World

Veterinary Ventures is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing humane veterinary care to the under-served animals of the world.


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The mission of Veterinary Ventures is to promote, by providing direct veterinary services, the humane treatment and care of animals in needy regions of the world.

Veterinary Ventures seeks areas of the world lacking adequate veterinary care. The goal is to collaborate with local animal and rescue groups to set up spay and neuter campaigns in attempt to humanely control stray animal populations. Once a spay & neuter (veterinary desexing) campaign has been established, Veterinary Ventures encourages local humane societies and animal care groups to institute long-term veterinary care.

Veterinary Ventures is made up of a team of veterinarians and veterinary technicians who volunteer their time and knowledge to the physical workings of each campaign. Each person volunteers by providing their skill and performing tasks needed to run a successful veterinary medical campaign.

Veterinary Ventures has successfully completed campaigns in various regions such as American Samoa, Mexico, Fiji, Peru, and Belize.  We are continually searching for new areas to serve the homeless animals of the world.

On our site you will find information regarding future and past campaigns, fundraising opportunities, photos of the care we provide in other countries, volunteer opportunities and information about our board of directors.

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